3 Little Chickies

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This little chicky went to market.
This little chicky stayed home.
But the one little chicky was the boogie woogie chicky and she boogie woogied all the way home~

We're just three chickies wandering around, pecking at each other. What you'll find here is art~ all sorts. Drawings, comics, designs, writings, random anythings~ Projects and Distractions. Sillyness and Drama. Who knows!

Feedback and company is welcomed~
Just dont be stupid, we got ninjas, robots and zombies for that ass.

The 3 chickies (and mods) are:
overcomebyfate- aka Yuriko/Yuri/Vi
twofivenone - aka Rags.

Anyone can join, we only ask you follow a few rules
-No Advertising unless permission is granted from a mod
-No quizzes/surveys unless posted by a mod
-No flaming or rude comments. We will send ninjas after you >=O
-Please put all large entries/images/etc. under lj-cut tags